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WCDH - Career listing page
Current job opportunities:
188830 EMS Shift Leader: Grade 3 to 6 (Permanent position)
Western District, Pinelands 2024/05/24
188823 Registered Councillor: Grade 1 to 3 (Contract period till 31 March 2026) (Contract position)
Drakenstein Sub-district, Cape Winelands Health District2024/05/24
188825 Administration Clerk: Finance/Admin (Asset Management) (Permanent position)
Valkenberg Hospital 2024/05/24
188845 Operational Manager Nursing Grade 1: General (Postnatal, Neonatal Low Care & KMC including TOP Services) (Permanent position)
Worcester Regional Hospital 2024/05/24
188862 Lecturer Nursing Grade 1 to 2: (Post Graduate Diploma Nursing Programmes) (Permanent position)
Western Cape College of Nursing 2024/05/24
188843 Deputy Director: Climate Change and Utilities Champion (Permanent position)
Directorate: Facilities Management, Head Office, Cape Town2024/05/24
188866 Lecturer Nursing Grade 1 to 2: (Undergraduate Diploma Nursing Programmes) (Permanent position)
Western Cape College of Nursing, Boland/Overberg, Southern Cape Karoo and Metro Campus)2024/05/24
188888 Developmental Youth Internship: Various posts (Assistant to Artisan), (Groundsman), Laundry and Linen Assistant)until 31 March 2025 (Contract position)
Directorate: Engineering and Facility Management2024/05/24
188899 Senior Manager: Medical Services (Permanent position)
Tygerberg Hospital, Parow Valley2024/05/31
188900 Ultrasound Radiographer: Grade 1 to 3 (Permanent position)
Vanguard CHC2024/05/31
188901 Clinical Nurse Practitioner: Grade 1 to 2 (Primary Health Care) (Permanent position)
Kwa-Mandlenkosi CC, Beaufort-west Sub-district2024/05/31
188906 Operational Manager Nursing Grade 1 (General) (Permanent position)
Tygerberg Hospital, Parow Valley2024/06/07
188912 Administration Clerk: Supply Chain Management (Asset Clerk) (Permanent position)
Directorate: Engineering and Technical Services, Belville Engineering Workshop, Head Office, Cape Town2024/06/07
188926 Administrative Officer: Information Management (Permanent position)
Riversdale Hospital, Hessequa Sub-district2024/06/07
188919 Assistant Manager Nursing: Speciality (Surgery, Orthopaedics and Ophthalmology) (Permanent position)
Tygerberg Hospital, Parow Valley2024/06/07
188920 Pharmacist Assistant: Post Basic (Grade 1 to 3) (Permanent position)
Directorate: Information Management 2024/06/07
188966 Operational Manager Nursing: Grade 1 (General: Medical Admissions Ward) (Permanent position)
Tygerberg Hospital, Parow Valley2024/06/07
188974 Assistant Director: Health Support (6 posts) (12-month contract) (G2G USAID Implementation) (Permanent position)
Khayelitsha Eastern Substructure, Northern Tygerberg Substructure, Southern Western Substructure, Klipfontein Mitchell’s Plain Substructure, Office of the Chief Director: Metro Health Services x 2 2024/06/10
188970 Deputy Director: Administration (12 Month Contract) (2 posts) (G2G USAID Implementation) (Permanent position)
Office of the Chief Director: Metro Health Services2024/06/10
188988 Assistant Director: Health Support (G2G USAID Implementation) (12-month contract) (2 posts) (Permanent position)
Lentegeur Hospital 2024/06/10
Applicants/Individuals please note: Only online applications will be considered unless a manual/offline process is provided in the job advertisement. Only applications made on this website will be accepted. Technical support is only available from Monday to Friday (8:00 to 17:00). Should you experience any difficulties with your online application you may click the SUPPORT button and a Advisor will attend to your enquiry. No emailed CV`s or any relevant documentation will be accepted as an application. Please ensure that you submit your application before the closing date, as no late applications will be considered.